Mont Riant sur Vevey

Le jardin de l'oncle Dincq - Douai
circa 1910

Under the crescent moon

circa 1920

Le voyage du retour

The Lost Impressionist

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Henri Duhem was descended from an old Flemish family and originally practiced as a lawyer. In 1887, his passion for drawing and watercolors finally led him to go to Paris and enroll in the drawing classes of Henri Harpignies.

While there, he became friends with Émile Breton, who introduced him to oil painting. Breton’s niece, Virginie Demont-Breton (the daughter of Jules Breton), introduced him to a young painter named Marie Sergeant, whom he married in 1890.

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Leighton Fine Art are currently in the process of collating the estates of both Henri and Marie Duhem which number over 2600 works in oil and watercolour along with the archive of their letters, documents and photographs. This website will form the backbone of the digital catalogue raisonne of both painters work.

For expertise on Henri Duhem or Marie Duhem  please contact / +441628523552

Selected works

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Lumière du soleil couchant

Oil on panel


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Lumière du soleil couchant - Sold

Petite maison en bois

c. 1907
Watercolor on paper


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Petite maison en bois

Sunset – Canal Flamand

Oil on panel


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Sunset – Canal Flamand